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Vera – Last Weekend of Summer

As the northeast experiences warmer-than-seasonal temperatures (whatever that means, anymore), we celebrate Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving.

Americans are celebrating a holiday for Christopher Columbus, an Italian-born explorer who set sail to retrieve the riches from the East Indies. Most educated people already knew that the world was round, but they didn’t know anything about the Pacific Ocean — he thought he discovered China and Japan. It wasn’t until his third journey back until he realized that it wasn’t Asia.

An earlier harvesting season means an earlier Thanksgiving for Canadians. We also get to celebrate the last throes of Summer, as Torontonians head to the beach and island for what people continue to believe is the ‘last weekend of summer.’

Scott from Azimuth Arts brings us this amazing summer set featuring Vera from Peggi Lepage Models.

by Azimuth Arts
featuring Vera (Peggi Lepage)
makeup by Julia Crimson
Retouched by Chelsea Boll


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