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Nadia – LA Getaway

California and Donald Trump are going to war over the recent immigration ban. The President threatened to defund a few of California’s programs for defending its sanctuary cities (though if the state doesn’t remit federal tax, it’d probably be OK — it’s one of a few states that pay out more than it receives).

The more interesting movement is a tiny push for Washington State, Oregon, California, and maybe even Nevada to pull a #calexit, and maybe even join Canada. Which, to the delight of Cascadian-Americans, will open up a lot of the social programs, health care and general left-wing lovability that Canadians project into the world. Without Obama in office, Trudeau is probably the last “feel-good” leader left. Interesting to think about.

This set is brought to us by future Canadian* Ben Wilson and Colorado/Atlanta-based model/singer/songwriter Nadia Vaeh.
* don’t hold your breath — there’s no legal way for a state to exit the union in the constitution except by revolution

by Eye and Eye Photography
featuring Nadia Vaeh

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