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Makenzie – See-scape

See-Scape is a fantastic little sci-fi bar founded two short years ago. After a summer of intense construction, Sara and her help transformed the place from a drab Junction joint into an eclectic, multi-movie-themed video and board gaming escape from the everyday.

Decorated with art from many locals and brimming with some amazing sandwiches, chilis, nachos and creative drinks, be sure to head down there to tickle your nostalgia with Magic: The Gathering, a working Atari, SNES and Colecovision.

This set with one of my favourite humans, Makenzie, was shot there, wearing outfits from Pink City and Rave Wonderland

by altovenue
featuring Makenzie Smith
wearing gamer and geekwear by Pink City (pink jacket and crying Pikachu by Pink City x Uguu)
bodysuit and top by Rave Wonderland

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