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Eclipse Monday – Highway Eclipse

This summer I met up with Eclipse Monday in York, PA and we drove to Centralia to check it out.

Centralia is a near ghost town on Route 61 in the middle of Pennsylvania, and has a population of 7 as of 2013.  There has been a coal fire burning beneath the town since 1962, and is estimated that it could burn for another 250 years.

Attention to the scale of the fire grew in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when a sink-hole opened up and exposed the town to extreme levels of carbon monoxide.  Most of the town was abandoned over the next decade, and homes were torn down as they were evacuated, leaving only a handful of buildings in the town today – those of the few residents who refused to leave.

Along with the aforementioned sink-hole, Route 61 suffered severe damage from the fire and after multiple repair attempts was rerouted. Centralia has been featured in a number of documentaries, non-fiction books and articles.  With the rise of awareness came urban explorers and other curious people.  Somewhere around 2009 the abandoned portion of Route 61 began to be covered in graffiti, hidden behind the earthen berms erected to keep traffic out.

This is where we decided we should stop and make some of our own art.

Jason Salvatori: On our road-trip you mentioned you traveled a lot as a kid – why was that?

Eclipse Monday: My father was an artist and also a painter. Which meant we would move where the market was good. And to be honest I think they just had the traveling bug.

JS: do you think that’s a part of why you’ve chosen a career that has you always travelling too?

EM: That was definitely one of the draws towards becoming a Traveling Freelance Model. I get stir crazy if I don’t travel.

JS: when did you decide you wanted to be a professional model – was it always a career goal or something that just came up?

EM: Honestly, it started out as a hobby and a confidence booster. Then, grew into a passion and a career.

JS:  Did you start with nude modelling right away, or did that come later?

EM: I am a prime example of someone taking baby steps.
I started off not even doing implied, to only implied top, to only implied nude, and finally around 2 1/2 years ago I decided to do nudes. That is; once I knew what my limits were [completely] I’ve been modeling for around 7 years now.

JS: I know with the online presence models have, they have to protect themselves. How did you choose your modeling name, and does it have any special significance?

EM: I wish I had a really cool story, but it was my high school nickname from when I started my email. I already had the name Eclipse Monday right there, and there you go. But I always loved the nickname.

JS: I know you moved out west due to health issues. Do you find your modeling is affected by it as well?

EM: Moving out west had opened up possibilities, and forced me to become a Traveling model. I’m definitely creating more landscape art since the move back [to Colorado].

JS: And more yoga inspired shots as well. What piqued your interest in yoga?

EM: Instagram… I was into hula hooping, and stumbled upon IG challenges. I found it did help, and started doing research into it.

JS: Do you have any tattoos?

EM: Yes I do – 4 of them.
My first tattoo was my front small one. It was my 18th birthday gift from my friend and her boyfriend; an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for Fearless.
Here I was, laying in my basement about to let this guy I just met show me the needles… And I was thinking “please give me my first tattoo!” That one ended up taking the longest out of all of them. My friend’s parents were so against tattoos that they left the house so I could get it done since it was my birthday. It was hilarious and awesome all at the same time.

JS: Any plans to get more ink?

EM: Honestly… Yes

JS: Ok, last question – any big projects or plans coming up?

EM: Well, I’m wanting to produce more modeling/free style dance videos, and I am hoping to start my yoga training journey soon.

By Jason Salvatori
Featuring Eclipse Monday
in Centralia, PA


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