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Denisa – Colour me color

Black or white, colour or color, Balint Nemes brings us another set featuring Denisa. From shiny, bright fabrics to muted blacks, it’s as polarizing as the spelling of the word ‘colour’ itself.

Ever wonder why we have different spellings of the word? It all can be blamed on Noah Webster of Webster’s dictionary. He wanted to exert independence from Britain more than just politically, and also was an advocate of ‘spelling words more like how they sound.’

So in 1832, Webster’s final dictionary was accepted with the revised spellings of words such as ‘center’, ‘favor’, and ‘color’. Be glad that the initial draft versions, which included ‘wimmen’ for ‘women’ and ‘tung’ for ‘tongue’ didn’t get accepted

by Balint Nemes
featuring Denisa

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