beautifully falling apart together

Anna – Alone but not Lonely

I have been busy the whole day. Was chatting to 50 of my so-called friends on social media, got about 150 likes on the pictures I published about my coffee, food and selfie.

I tried my best to look humble but I pose on every picture like a professional narcissist.

When I got back home and I was too lazy to cook, I ordered something gluten-free and I checked the new videos YouTube selected for me. Some of them are funny but I cannot laugh loud when nobody is around.

I tried to FaceTime my three best friends but they seemed to be not available.

I am professional procrastinator, so to kill time for me is nothing,

I do it every day.

Just sometimes I have this cold breeze on the back of my neck… I am alone but not lonely, I guess.

by Balint Nemes
featuring Anna Donkó
styled by Polett Hencz
shot in Budapest at Belvarosi Studio

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