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Irene – Impossible Polaroid

Impossible Project is a company that filled the void of producing instant film when Polaroid decided to shut down its manufacturing in 2008.

Now we live in a world where half the planet carries a camera with them at all times, and handheld phone camera quality is approaching the point of modern mirrorless cameras. Digital photos are shared instantly around the world. Manufacturers fight to depict a scene as accurately as possible, and the nostalgia of imperfection, in-the-moment and authenticity is getting harder to relive.

Impossible Project, however, brings the nostalgia back, along with a slew of Fujifilm Instax cameras and even Polaroid, themselves, with its new Snap Touch Instant Print digital camera. Fans receiving an Instax or Polaroid snap can get something physical, authentic, and one-of-a-kind. It’s a growing movement, once more, and it warms my heart that we have something inefficient, inaccurate and non-digital once more making a return.

Photographer Mattew Dols shoots Irene Lauren in Paris, France using Impossible Project Film on a Polaroid Spectra.

by Matthew Dols
Featuring Iren Lauren


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