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Desiree – Brick Cars

Trevor Noah recently talked about how his favourite toy growing up, and favourite for most of the kids in his neighbourhood, was a simple brick. Lying around in the streets in South Africa were always masonry of different shapes and colours, and finding a perfect one was always a challenge.

To play with them, all the kids would pretend their bricks were like cars and ram them together in a slightly dangerous game of mini destruction derby, and the last surviving car would be the winner.

With the age of the Internet, advanced electronic toys, and tablets, kids these days don’t need to stretch their imagination anymore. It’s going to be interesting seeing how our next generation is going to turn out without all that kind of brain development we had when we were growing up.

Yaamon brings us another set, featuring the gorgeous Desiree, paired with a very strange pile of bricks seemingly in the middle of a field. If this were in South Africa, this could be an epic playground.

by Yaamon Mark Wong
featuring Desiree Adams

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